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February 2018

L-CATALOG Features

CATALOG: When you click on the Menu icon, a navigation drawer will be opened which contains a list of activities, click either catalog or vendor catalog to browse through the catalog. If vendor catalog is clicked all the vendors and the… Continue Reading →

Virtual reality for IOS

Virtual reality for IOS   What is virtual reality? Although the term may be thrown around a lot, virtual reality is defined as: The computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly… Continue Reading →

Virtual reality for WEB

 Virtual reality for WEB Introduction Virtual Reality is one of the most exciting new areas of technology. It allows you to experience a different place and time—whether real or imagined—as if you were there. It’s a phenomenal experience for users,… Continue Reading →

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) Google VR Google provides developers with two virtual reality platforms: Google Cardboard (Mobile VR platform) and Works with almost any smartphone on Android or iOS Google Daydream (Low latency, immersive and interactive mobile VR) Comes with hardware and software… Continue Reading →

Glimpse to Virtual Reality

Glimpse to Virtual Reality VR – What in general terms? Virtual Reality also called as immersive multimedia or computer simulated reality. The definition comes naturally from the Virtual reality name itself: ‘Virtual’ and ‘Reality’. Virtual defines near feeling and reality defines the experience… Continue Reading →

Virtual reality for Devops

Virtual reality for Devops   Virtual Reality Application Development Introduction As interest in Virtual Reality technology has increased now days. There are so many tools and OS available to the developer to develop the Virtual Reality application. There are many… Continue Reading →

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Abstract Information Augmented Reality is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real world environment whose elements are augmented by computer generated sensory input such as sound, graphics or GPS data. AR is related to a… Continue Reading →

Virtual Reality Trends

A New Look on Virtual Reality Everyone is aware of Virtual Reality by now as a immersive multimedia or computer simulation of real world, VR is considered as more of Gaming Device or Entertainment Device with very little utility to… Continue Reading →

Security and Privacy

As a mobile application user, one is concerned about the personal information shared by them with the mobile app company.Those were serious concerns one can have as there are many unscrupulous organizations out there who sell their customer’s data to… Continue Reading →

Login Types In this post, the number of ways available for a user to log in to the application is explained. But before talking about that, let’s talk a little bit about what happens when the application is started. As soon… Continue Reading →

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